Travel vanity case

1 Degree of Mars and Aries, destroying health. Great energy, but quarrelsome. Remains firm in all the miseries of life. The karmic degree of paying your debts and those of others (sacrificial lambs, scapegoats) (

2 Degree of the Sun and Taurus. Great doubt, perseverance, aggressiveness. In the worst case, numerous enemies (

3 Degrees of Venus and Gemini. Heartiness, agreement, tendency to order. Many useful friends in life (

4 Degrees of Mercury and Cancer, promoting health. Intelligence, financial loss (

5 Degree Moon and Leo. The situation in life is achieved with great difficulty and thanks to his own efforts (

6 Degree Saturn and Virgin. Elevation at different levels: career, material, spiritual. In the worst case – dreams of the sublime (

7 Degree of Jupiter and Libra. Prudence, insight, caution, ability to manage (

8 Degree Pluto and Scorpio. Irritability, adventurism, meanness and self-will, sometimes resulting in unpleasant consequences (

9 Degree of the Sun and Sagittarius. Pride, vanity, courage, composure. Self-confidence, disregard for others (

10 Degree Neptune and Capricorn, exaltation of the Sun. Courage, risk, struggle, which usually ends in victory over detractors (

11 Degree of Uranus and Aquarius. Kind, compliant character. Transfiguration, surprise and emotionality are associated with love. When merging Mercury and Venus, love does not remain a secret, but becomes the cause of trouble (

12 Degree Moon and Pisces. Individualism, the desire to rise. There may be great difficulties and changes, there may be success in enterprises. Good family man (

13 Degree Proserpina and Aries. Adventurism, ordeals, has an impact on other people. Fame is won by hard work (

14 Degree of Volcano and Taurus. ). Weakness, powerlessness. Isolation, exile, difficulties (

15 Degree of Mars and Gemini. Negligence, false confidence, infantilism. Many changes from friends and relatives (

16 Degree of Sun and Cancer. Pantheistic consciousness. Love for nature and harmony with it. Ability to art (in connection with Venus) and natural sciences (

17 Degrees of Venus and Leo. Vakshya in exaltation (according to Globe). Internal contradictions. The case plays a big role. The pursuit of luxury and pleasure (

18 Degree of Mercury and Virgo. Royal degree. Courage, courage, support for new ideas, new things. Elevation by means of a partner of the opposite sex if there are corresponding planets (

19 Degree of the Moon and Libra, exaltation of the Sun. The pursuit of material goods and money. Wastefulness Loss of condition (

20 Degrees of Saturn and Scorpio, the fall of Saturn. Exaltation of the Sun. Broad intellect, sharp mind, curiosity, courage. Expands space for a person, promises travel to foreign countries (

21 Degrees of Jupiter and Sagittarius. The fall of Saturn. Willpower, independence, self-confidence, generosity, generosity (

Travel vanity case

22 Degrees Pluto and Capricorn, associated with the birth of twins. Contradictions, indecision. Loss of condition due to the absence of any energy, laziness. Many misfortunes from intercourse with the opposite sex (

23 Degree of the Sun and Aquarius. Destructive degree. Envy poses obstacles. Character instability causes a lot of trouble (

24 Degree Neptune and Pisces. Fatal love. Increased sexuality. Relationship Disagreement (

25 Degree Uranus and Aries. Unbending will, aggressiveness. Winning over people. Promises a great career. Resistance can bring sadness at the end of life (

Travel vanity case

26 Degree Moon and Taurus. Powerful patrons, contributing to the achievement of a brilliant position. Cunning. In the worst case – the destruction of those who contribute to the nomination (

27 Degree Proserpina and Gemini. Changeability, unreliability of fate. Quick success at the beginning and big misfortunes at the end of life (or vice versa) (

Travel vanity case

28 Degree Vulcan and Cancer. Vitality, kindness and gentleness of character. Success, thanks to the patron of the opposite sex (

29 Degree of Mars and Leo. Resoluteness, perseverance. A life full of work and trouble (

30 Degree of the Sun and the Virgin. Despotism, aggression. Imposing opinions on others, the consequences of this are conflict situations (

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