How to treat gums at home
Article verified by a doctor Treatment of inflamed gums depends on the cause of
How to whiten clothes at home
Share in social. networks: Casual wear loses its color and deforms slightly. What can
Removed a tooth swollen cheek
Single entry number to the doctor Often after a tooth is removed, the cheek
Tab in the tooth
The tab is an artificial restoration that eliminates the defect of the tooth formed
How to treat caries
Launched caries is the main cause of pulpitis. The winners of the social campaign
Toothache treatment
Normally, the teeth should not feel anything, since they are completely devoid of nerve
It often happens that a person has a gum pain under the tooth. It
Root of teeth hurt
Looking at our smile in the mirror, we can only see the upper zone
Why do Americans have white teeth?
What comes first to mind at the sight of beautiful, even, white teeth? He
Pus under the tooth
Pus under the tooth Hello! Was pulpit two years ago, cured. Half of the
Why dream of white teeth
Dream Teeth white teeth Some people believe in dreams, others do not. But at
Ibuprofen for toothache
Ibuprofen – a brief description, release form, composition Ibuprofen is a universal medicine that
Tooth on the pin
Pin – This is a specific rod-shaped construction that is used in dental practice.
Blood test is widely used in laboratory studies of various diseases. The fence is
Toothache during pregnancy what to do
Today, the women’s club “Over 30” wants to draw the attention of its readers