Heuristic definition of psychology
A creative person has excellent skills for developing his own imagination, he goes beyond
Themes of personality psychology
For thousands of years, people have been trying to grasp the meaning of life,
Depression worse at night
I am a psychiatrist appointed a doctor to take Melitor and Lamotrin. I have
Popular psychological theories
Kulakov Sergey Alexandrovich – a psychotherapist of the highest category, doctor of medical sciences,
What is a placebo in psychology
Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Department of
Reality principle psychology
Horoscope Aquarius Element – Air Patronizing Planet – Uranus Favorable on the horoscope: Day
Fear of leaving the house phobia
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Types of good stress
It is believed that the gray appears in people who have reached a certain
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What schizophrenics see
I was prompted to write this note by reading the entry Miserly pays twice
Non-verbal communication form
This article answers the question: What is dialogue and monologue ?. It presents the
Stress Relief Painting
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Examples of emotional pain
Indifference – is indifference, cold-blooded attitude to the needs and troubles that have arisen
Research questions in psychology
One of the most desirable charms of student life is a scholarship! And in
Feeling alone
Go to audiobook “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez is a