From cold during pregnancy

Female immunity during pregnancy weakens and becomes more susceptible to infections and viruses. Some mothers need to stand in a draft or freeze a little to catch a cold. You cannot fight with fever and runny nose with familiar antibiotics, because the drugs are dangerous for the health of the developing fetus. Then how to act and what to take?

The first symptoms: what to do

Women do not perceive the cold as something dangerous, trying to move it on their feet. Others agree to lie down for several days in bed, but they try to be treated on their own. The right decision is to consult a doctor and make sure that the temperature was caused by a common cold, and not SARS or another flu strain.

The doctor will select safe drugs and advise safe herbs. Plants are a natural alternative to pills, but even homeopathic treatment sometimes ends in miscarriage or premature birth.

Young mothers can obey the “colleagues” sitting on the forums, or drink the miraculous brew that their grandmother was treating, but the consequences of such therapy are very unpleasant. Only medical professionals know exactly what means and in which trimester are safe for the health of the pregnant and developing fetus.

If the cold began before the weekend and will have to wait until Monday, the woman is recommended to wear wool socks, brew herbal tea and sleep a lot, wrapped in a blanket or blanket. The patient’s body needs dry heat and rest, then immunity will be easier to fight inflammation.

Precautions Pregnant pregnant contraindicated in large quantities, because it retains fluid in the body, because of which not only the legs, but also the nasal sinuses swell. The result is congestion, breathing problems and lack of oxygen in the blood, the risk of fetal hypoxia.

Warm drinking will improve a woman’s well-being, but in the second and third trimester tea, milk with honey or broth should not be abused, because the more fluid in the body, the more intensively the kidneys, which are already overloaded, must work.

Banned hot tubs, you can not soar feet. High temperatures accelerate blood circulation and stimulate uterine contraction, so a pregnant woman can have a miscarriage. For this reason mustard plasters are prohibited, and steam inhalations should be carried out with caution.

Temperature: what to do

One of the first and main symptoms of a cold is a fever. If the thermometer shows less than 38, you have to do without pills. A woman should wear comfortable pajamas, but it is advisable not to put on a terry robe over the top and not wrap herself in two thick blankets. Pregnant women should be warm, but not hot, otherwise the temperature will rise further.

The body can be wiped with apple or table vinegar with a concentration of 5% or less. The component is diluted with water at room temperature. Take a portion of the vinegar 3, and better 4 parts of the liquid. The alternative is freshly squeezed lemon juice, which activates perspiration and helps to reduce the temperature.

With a soft cloth dipped in a solution, feet and hands, areas under the chest and abdomen are wiped off. You can ask your husband to treat heels with vinegar or lemon. A compress should be put on the forehead, which is turned over as it is heated and changed every 10–15 minutes or more often.

Healing teas To sweat with a cold is good and beneficial, but in order for the body not to suffer from dehydration, you need to drink broths and fruit drinks. Medicinal tea can be prepared from dried linden flowers or oregano. Raspberry root quickly copes with a cold, but it should be used with caution during pregnancy.

If there are no herbs in the house, the future mother will be saved by green or black tea. It is advisable to prepare a drink not from bags, but from natural tea leaves. When the tea is warm, add a couple of spoons of honey and a slice of lemon to the cup.

Useful fruit drinks from cranberries or currants, cherry juices and fresh raspberry compotes. In such drinks a lot of ascorbic acid, which strengthens the immune system. Pharmaceutical vitamin C can be taken only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Instead of decoction before going to bed, it is better to drink a glass of boiled milk with a piece of butter and 2 teaspoons of honey. Per day use no more than 2 liters of fluid. If the lower extremities swell or there are problems with the kidneys, you should drink up to 7-8 cups of decoctions, tea, compote and other beverages, including soups and other first courses.

Medical assistance Challenge the temperature of a pregnant can paracetamol, but only in its pure form. Other drugs that contain this substance, such as “Panadol” or “Efferalgan”, are contraindicated. They affect the child and, if abused, lead to renal or hepatic failure in the mother.

You can not drink “Nurofen” at a temperature, especially during the third trimester. Aspirin and preparations containing this component can cause bleeding and miscarriage, so they are not suitable for pregnant women.

Methods of dealing with a cold

If your nose is stuffed up, you need to wash it and remove the swelling so that the expectant mother can breathe easier. Safe pharmacies are Aqualor, Humer, or Aquamaris. The main component of these sprays is sea water. At home, you can prepare an alternative means of salt and soda:

  1. For a glass of boiled water cooled to room temperature, you will need 5-10 g of dry ingredients.
  2. Soda and salt should be completely dissolved, the liquid will become turbid-white.
  3. The solution is drawn into a syringe and alternately injected into each nostril with the head up.
  4. The fluid must be gently inhaled, so that it falls into the sinuses.
  5. When the water reaches the throat, you need to quickly tilt your head and blow the remnants of the solution along with the mucus.
  6. The procedure is carried out until it is empty glass with the tool. After washing, you need to drip the nose or smear it with vegetable oil.

Herbal decoctions made from sage, clover flowers and highlander roots are used instead of saline. Dry plants mixed in equal proportions, you can add calendula or plantain leaves. Chop the herb and cook over medium heat, insist 2 hours, and then strain and rinse the nose with a decoction.

Tips: If it is inconvenient to use a syringe, you can buy a small syringe at the pharmacy. It is recommended to add 3-5 drops of iodine to the salt solution or herbal decoction in order to quickly remove the inflammation in the sinuses. It is necessary to wash the nose 5 times a day, and if it is heavily stuffed, then more often.

Heat treatment Pregnant women are allowed to take steam inhalations. There are two options for such a procedure: use a nebulizer or breathe over a pan with hot broth. A special device treats both a runny nose and a sore throat, but it has a significant minus – a high price. Not all women help warmly, so the purchase may be useless. It is recommended to first try the grandmother’s method with a pan and a towel.

Broth for inhalation is prepared from:

  • eucalyptus leaves;
  • chamomile flowers;
  • sage;
  • yarrow;
  • violets;
  • pine buds;
  • wood mallow.

They take one or several components in the same proportions, pour water on them – and on a strong fire before boiling. Place the pot of hot broth on the table and lean over the bowl, covering the shoulders and head with a rug or a large bath towel. Inhale steam by nose, trying to keep your mouth closed. To prevent this method from harming a pregnant woman, she should sit on the broth for no more than 5 minutes.

A safer way of local action is to warm the nasal sinuses with a boiled egg or sacks of salt. In the first case, the product is wrapped in small towels or pieces of cloth so that they do not burn the skin. In the second embodiment, sand or salt is heated in a dry frying pan, and then poured into small bags. If they seem too hot, you can put a cloth or gauze under them.

A doctor may suggest a pregnant woman to warm up with a special lamp, but for this, she will have to travel to the hospital regularly, which is not always convenient. Although this method should not be abandoned with a prolonged rhinitis, which threatens to go into sinusitis. Treat your nose with salt or eggs 2–3 times a day, but preferably not more often. To fix the result of the procedure should be natural drops.

Moisturizing for the nose. During a runny nose, the nasal passages dry up, and irritation appears inside, which can prolong the illness for a long time. Expectant mothers are recommended to inoculate mucous membranes with petroleum jelly or baby cream after inhalation and washing.

Peach and sea buckthorn oil, as well as wild rose, have moisturizing properties. But any of them must be diluted in sunflower or olive, because in a concentrated form, such drops irritate the mucous membrane even more. At 20 parts of the base should take 1 part of the additive and mix thoroughly. In each nostril no more than 2 drops, three times a day.

Instead of oils, use freshly squeezed juices:

  • carrot, sometimes combined with beetroot;
  • apple;
  • orange or tangerine.

With citrus varieties need to be careful, because they can cause allergies in a woman or fetus. The juice bought in the store is not suitable for the treatment of rhinitis, because there is nothing natural in such a drink.

Drops made from onions or aloe. Chop the product, squeeze the juice out of it and dilute it with boiled water. 3 drops in each nostril. The treatment is supplemented with massage: the maxillary sinuses, the bridge of nose and the temples knead with gentle movements. Recommend to rub in these areas “Star” or ointment “Doctor Mom.”

The right atmosphere In the living room or bedroom, where a pregnant woman rests, you need to put a few bowls with chopped onions or garlic, filled with water. If you do not like the smell, vegetables should be replaced with essential oil of tea tree.

It is recommended to ventilate the room in the morning and before bedtime, and if it is warm outside, you can leave the window open for the whole day. Moisten the air regularly from the sprayer, because if it is very dry, the nose lays down and it becomes difficult to breathe.

Tip: During sleep, they place a high pillow or several under the head so that the mucus does not accumulate in the maxillary sinuses, and the pregnant woman can rest properly.

From cold during pregnancy

If popular recipes were powerless, allow pharmaceutical drops. But you need to buy a children’s dosage, use no more than once a day and give up the drug after 2 days.

Treat throat

A woman with a clogged nose begins to breathe through her mouth. The mucous membranes dry up, the infection gets into the throat, and it becomes inflamed. To quickly remove tickling and swelling, you should dissolve a teaspoon of sea buckthorn oil or honey. Aloe also has an antibacterial effect: you need to cut a small slice and, without chewing, keep it in your mouth.

Infusions to rinse. First, the throat is washed to remove mucus. Useful decoction of calendula or oak bark, eucalyptus leaves or sage. Rinse solutions are made from birch buds or chamomile, you can add a pinch of soda and a few drops of iodine.

Redness is removed by alcoholic propolis tincture: a spoonful of money for a glass of warm water. Try not to swallow the solution, because alcohol can harm the child. An alternative to propolis is an antiviral collection consisting of 10 g of birch leaves, 20 g of eucalyptus and 30 g of sage. Billet brew in a glass of boiling water, wait 15 minutes, after filtering, use to rinse.

Tickling and discomfort will remove the solution from 20 ml of warm water, 1 tsp of salt and the same amount of soda. Add 3 drops of iodine, mix thoroughly. A remedy for inflammation and sore throats is ready.

Healing cocktails It will take a spoonful of dried sage and 200-250 ml of milk. Put the components on low heat, simmer for 10 minutes after boiling. Drink immediately before bedtime, with or without honey.

From cold during pregnancy

Sore throat will remove the mixture, which consists of:

  • freshly squeezed juice from half a lemon;
  • a teaspoon of rosehip syrup;
  • 2 tablespoons of beet juice;
  • 30–40 ml of kefir.

Stir the ingredients thoroughly, take small sips after rinsing. Antiseptic sprays are good for inflammation, but such drugs should be prescribed by a doctor.

If the discomfort after treatment with folk remedies has not disappeared, and the tonsils are swollen or covered with a strange bloom, you must go to the hospital. Ordinary inflammation may be a sore throat or even tonsillitis, with which you can not joke.

Cough Recipes

If you begin to fight the cold at the first symptoms, it quickly recedes, but sometimes the disease is stronger and coughing occurs. Pregnant women are advised to drink lemon tea during the day, and use a cup of warm milk with a slice of butter and a pinch of soda before bedtime.

If the cause of cough is sore throat, inhalations with eucalyptus oil or tea tree are helpful. You can make a decoction of sage with lime blossom and chamomile. It will soothe irritation and destroy viruses, and the essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

With a dry cough, you need to fight herbal teas from wild rosemary, succession, yarrow or lingonberry leaves. Additionally, it is recommended to rub the upper part of the chest with heated honey. Leave the agent for about an hour and then rinse with warm water.

Important: In the first trimester, essential oils are not recommended, and in the second and third drinks with a large amount of honey, because this product belongs to the category of strong allergens.

Tablets and syrups With a dry or strong cough, you can fight with medications made from natural raw materials. For a child is safe:

  • Plantain syrup;
  • Evkabal;
  • Mukaltin;
  • Dr. Theis;
  • Root of Altea;
  • Dr. Mom.

Syrups and cough pills have virtually no effect on the child, but nevertheless, the doctor should select the medications, and not the woman herself, because some components may contain dangerous components.

What to fear You can not treat a cold with a hunter, coltsfoot, echinacea or ginseng, due to which the pressure rises and allergies appear. Licorice root stimulates uterine contractions, so a woman can have a miscarriage. Ginkgo biloba is the cause of preterm labor due to bleeding, and medicinal comfrey causes mutations in the fetus.

The common cold is an insidious and dangerous disease, especially for women who are carrying a child. Expectant mothers are recommended peace, plenty of rest and fruit, care and no stress. The initial symptoms of a cold can be stopped by traditional methods, but if the temperature does not decrease and the state of health of the pregnant woman worsens, you should immediately go to the hospital and follow the recommendations of specialists.

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