Herpes at the baby
There are cases when at birth a newborn baby gets a viral infection from
Nail powder
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Types of slopes
When organizing water supply at home, first of all, after the acquisition of the
The best tours in Portugal
The 2019 Football Legends Cup is the 11th edition of an international football tournament
Antibodies to vimentin
Metastases from an undetected primary focus. Confirmation of the diagnosis Metastases from an undetected
Treatment of atrophic gastritis with sea buckthorn oil
People who are faced with gastritis are well aware that, in addition to traditional
How much should newborns sleep
Almost all young parents dream to sleep. Some dreams come true, they sleep all
Tattoo on the arm
Today the cross is one of the most ancient, interesting and universal symbols for
Bake the meat in foil
Meat in foil in the oven is a tender, juicy, fragrant and incredibly tasty
Cat fear
One of the most interesting representatives of the cat world is the Scottish Fold,
How many vessels in the umbilical cord
How many vessels in the umbilical cord? At about 21-22 weeks of pregnancy, a
Chlamydia during pregnancy in the blood
Chlamydia during pregnancy Chlamydia and pregnancy – This topic is of concern to many
Thanksgiving holidays 2019
This page contains information on all popular holidays in Germany, both state-wide national and
Thrush incubation period
Thrush (candidiasis) is a disease of the genital organs. Men are less likely to
Acid is illegal
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