How long is the concert?

All litter in one hut

Tokal means younger wife

Nazarbayev with older daughters. Tokal he hides

How long is the concert?

In Kazakhstan – the scandal. Finally, they also learned here that the elderly president Nazarbayev had gotten his youngest wife, tokal. Tokal Gulnara Rakisheva worked previously as a flight attendant on a presidential plane. But some time ago, Nursultan Nazarbayev presented her with the best airline in Kazakhstan, Air-Astana. The affair with the former flight attendant does not last for the first year, but Nazarbayev has long hidden his current, not without reason fearing terrible revenge from his wife Sara Alpysovny. Gulnara gave birth to two more daughters to Nazarbayeva, so it makes no sense to hide. The president has built a new home in Astana and spends the night there. The drama has entered the final period. Nazarbayev, like King Lear, has a lot of daughters. And if the last two are still in wheelchairs, then the elder Dariga, with the support of her mother, Nursultan Nazarbayev’s first wife – Sarah, in full program spins the scandal around her father, intending to deprive him of power. Dariga has established her own party, Asar, and is working hard to become the president of Kazakhstan herself. The scandal around the father is, of course, her business. Many people in Kazakhstan think so, especially since Dariga is a media magnate and is fluent in the art of producing “information leaks”.

The information that President Nazarbayev lost his head and fell under the power of a certain mercenary group, which consists of the aforementioned temptress Gulnara and her patron friend, Israeli citizen Alexander Mashkevich, appeared on the pages of the otlaznogo Kazakh newspaper Economics. Finance. Markets “, published in Russian, just a month ago. As it should be, the news was first “rolled” in Russia. For the first time she appeared on the site

How long is the concert?

First, the local decided that this time the loving Nazarbayev, who usually forgot the object of his pleasures in the morning, got into trouble seriously, and the current enslaved his heart and mind. Secondly, it is believed that all of Nazarbayev’s closest relatives, including his daughters, Rakhat’s former son-in-law (Dariga’s husband, whom Nazarbayev had cunningly removed from the country and divorced his daughter), as well as his middle daughter’s son-in-law, would unite to overthrow the pope.

Meanwhile, the political affairs of Nursultan Nazarbayev are bad. In addition to the older wife and daughters, the United States play against him. Nazarbayev’s image abroad was a fiasco, the numbers of his secret overseas accounts were transferred to publicity, into which funds from bribes that were paid by Western companies that had access to Kakhakhstan’s natural resources were transferred. Kazakhgate gained such strength in the United States that Nazarbayev had to open his cards to the “manual oligarch” Mashkevich, and he got access to the accounts of the elderly president and pays for the lobbyists hired to settle the scandal. Lobbyists are an extremely expensive law firm Paton Boggs, which should put pressure on American justice in Kazakhgate.

Most likely, scandalous photos of Nazarbayev, spending time in joys with Gulnara, will soon merge into the press.

How long is the concert?

When the power leaves the president, you can expect everything.

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