Wart Ointment

Skin formations, such as moles, often cause people psychological and sometimes physical discomfort. There are a lot of ways to deal with them, while the most simple to use and affordable external drugs are considered to be drying or scorching the problem area.

Stefalin – ointment made from herbs and other natural ingredients, which, according to its suppliers, is able to remove almost any birthmarks, warts and papillomas, including in precancerous form.

It would seem that the ideal drug that allows you to save on medical services. But, if you dig a little deeper, a lot of questions arise that question not only its effectiveness, but also its safety. We will understand in more detail.

Who produces and sells Stefalin?

The manufacturer of funds for unknown reasons is kept secret. In most advertising materials, it is submitted on behalf of the Ukrainian company Devro (according to the local register of legal entities, it was previously called Ocean of Good, the reason for the name change is unknown), which, however, emphasizes that it only deals with the sale of the product.

Wart Ointment

The official representative in Russia, the one Valery Sorokin, is the author of numerous training courses and newsletters on MLM (network marketing) and the seller of a dozen of unclear origins of drugs, presented mainly as “stem cell extracts”.

The composition of the ointment Stefalin

As for the composition – the situation here is just as ambiguous. The company does not disclose the number and name of the components, naming it a commercial secret. Potential buyers are given only general words about the product, from which it can be concluded that:

  • It is a mixture of medicinal inflorescences and rhizomes of Carpathian herbs from ecologically clean areas, which were collected at different times of the year during the period of the greatest “strength” and processed according to all the rules of herbal science.
  • Some inflorescences and rhizomes are used to prepare a non-alcoholic infusion, which ensures the penetration of the active ingredients into the body and the root of the skin formation, and the rest is dried and crushed to a powder. At the final stage, the powder is mixed with infusion, forming a healing ointment.
  • The absence of any chemical components in the ointment is particularly emphasized.

Accordingly, the “mysterious” drug is not registered as a medicine for medical use (neither in its “homeland” nor in Russia), which explains its absence in pharmacies.

However, another is much worse – the lack of registration indicates that Stefalin has not passed clinical trials that would confirm its effectiveness and the absence of a threat to health.. And this is despite the fact that we are talking about working with potentially melano-dangerous formations, to which even experts approach with extreme caution (for more details, see the article “Malignant moles”).

Nuances of using the tool

According to the similarity of the instructions for use posted on the official website, Stefalin provides comfortable and painless removal of skin lesions without subsequent scars and adverse reactions. A small amount of ointment is applied to a mole or wart, a mixture of medicinal extracts penetrates to the leg, pulls it to the surface and burns through.

The duration of the removal process depends on the size of the wart or mole, the depth of its “root”, the features of the skin and can take from 2 weeks to several months.

Here the obvious discrepancy is striking: when it comes to burning out, then the marks on the skin, in

In addition, it should be noted general danger of self-removal of moles:

  • first, in this case, their preliminary examination is not carried out, according to the results of which a more detailed (histological) study of especially suspicious formations could be recommended
  • secondly, there is no proper control over the process, as a result of which incomplete removal is possible. As a result, the birthmark can grow back, and it is much larger than it was originally, and the chances of its malignant degeneration increase greatly

How much is Stefalin ointment? Prices and distribution

As noted above, the drug is not distributed through pharmacies and is only available on the Internet – through intermediaries at different levels. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the volume of the ointment is selected depending on the number of skin lesions to be removed. A 2 ml sample probe is enough to process one small mole, a 5 ml bottle can handle one large or 3-5 small and medium ones, and an 8 ml bottle will eliminate two large or 5-8 small and medium ones.

The average prices for Stefalin ointment are:

  • sampler 2 ml – from 1000 to 1500 rubles;
  • a bottle of 5 ml – from 1,700 to 2,500 rubles;
  • bottle of 8 ml – from 3500 to 4200 rubles.

This does not include shipping costs, although some representatives charge them when purchasing large quantities of bottles.

Interestingly, customers are promised a 100% money back guarantee in case the drug does not help. This is a common marketing ploy, which in itself is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller (according to statistics, the share of quality goods accounts for no more than 5% of returns, which are compensated for by purchases of those whom the guarantee gave additional confidence).

However, you should always be wary if a return is associated with the fulfillment of certain additional conditions. In the case of Stefalin, this is exactly the case – to get his money, the buyer will have to make a whole film about exactly how he used the tool, as well as a similar photo shoot.


Ointment Stefalin has all the attributes of a low-quality product: lack of information about the manufacturer and composition, lack of registration, aggressive advertising campaign, sales on the principles of network marketing and

Wart Ointment

Presumably, the action is based on cauterization of the target area – iodine and drugs on the basis of celandine also work approximately (which, by the way, cost much less). This is an extremely dangerous option to remove skin lesions, which excludes the possibility of a complete diagnosis and poses a threat to both the health and life of a person. Additionally, dealers distort or silence information about possible side effects of the ointment and related complications.

In general, removing moles, warts and papillomas with external agents is highly undesirable. Be sure to consult a dermatologist, who will select the optimal and safe option to eliminate skin defects.

Reviews of Stefalin ointment

What is interesting, with all of the above, 99% of reviews about Stefalin – positive. It is known that in medical and near-medical topics, working with the opinions of patients is one of the important components of an advertising campaign. We cannot say unequivocally that mostly custom-made opuses are presented on the Internet, but, based on our own experience, we assume that this is the case. Here is what visitors write on forums and thematic sites:

“A friend a year ago was removing a mole on her thigh, which disturbed her greatly. It was from her that I learned about Stefalin ointment. I ordered ointment through familiar doctors. As soon as she received, on the same day she began to smear her moles. For two months I was engaged in treatment, once I consulted a friend’s dermatologist, who approved my decision. During this time, removed, without any surgery, the papilomku and four large moles on the legs. I did not even expect that in such a short period of time the effect would be so enormous! ”(Review by: Valentina, Moscow)

“I read a lot about the truly miraculous ointment Stefalin, which is made on the basis of herbs. I was surprised that this ointment can remove even flat moles (without legs). Almost half a year I was looking for where this maz can be safely bought, I do not trust online stores. As a result of treatment (a little more than two months), I got rid of five large and several small moles. This result was extremely surprised my doctor, who was surprised that there were no side effects. I’m glad I learned about this ointment, now I advise everyone to buy it ”(Review author: Olga, Moscow)

“Something painfully captivates the simplicity with which Stefalin ointment solves the problem of moles. I heard that moles cannot be removed on their own, because they can consist of completely different cells. Some moles with tissue injury can be reborn into cancer tumors. Therefore, to use the ointment without consulting a doctor is stupid. The stock of tissues in different moles is different and applying uncontrollably ointment is dangerous and scary. For example, I do not know exactly what my skin type is, and even more so I can not accurately determine the type of skin in my child. Therefore, it is outraged how this ointment can be bought for children. I think that before smearing birthmarks with ointment, having heard from friends about her healing, you should still turn to an experienced specialist for advice ”(Reviewer: Rick, Dnepropetrovsk – [this is the only comment we would advise to listen to –

“I had a huge mole on my back. I didn’t worry about the appearance, but this mole gave me a lot of problems, because even the bra was difficult to wear. Now this mole is gone, I removed it safely with stefalin ointment. Grateful to my husband that I bought this ointment, now there is no space left from the problem. I am very respectful of the gifts of nature and try to use only those preparations that are prepared on the basis of natural ingredients. And this ointment is not at all expensive, health is always more expensive! ”(Reviewer: Vitalina, St. Petersburg).

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