Monthly 2 times a month why
It is considered that the averaged menstrual cycle is estimated at 28 days. There
Before menstruation sore nipples
Quite often women have nipples before menstruation. This refers to one of the premenstrual
Upper pressure high
Elevated rates of high upper pressure indicate the presence of one of the most
Furosemide for cystitis
Dear Alena! First of all, I sympathize with you. I myself suffered for about
Treatment of atrophic gastritis with sea buckthorn oil
People who are faced with gastritis are well aware that, in addition to traditional
How many vessels in the umbilical cord
How many vessels in the umbilical cord? At about 21-22 weeks of pregnancy, a
Thrush incubation period
Thrush (candidiasis) is a disease of the genital organs. Men are less likely to
Why lower pressure rises
In the bustle of our lives, no one will be surprised by headaches, and
The monitor does not turn on the light is off
In this article we will talk about such an unpleasant symptom for any laptop,
Pain under the right edge
Pain in the liver – a symptom with which patients often turn to doctors,
Beta blockers drugs
The author of the article: Nivelichuk Taras, head of the department of anesthesiology and
Fukortsin for herpes
There are no synonyms. Fukortsin is inexpensive and is produced by different manufacturers. Average
Antibiotics for throat diseases
Antimicrobial, 8-hydroxyquinoline derivative. It has a wide spectrum of action. Selectively inhibits the synthesis
Prayer to purify the kind
Prayers for the clan they help to purify all members of the genus from
Yellow-green tongue coating
Diagnosis of the language should be carried out in the morning, on an empty