Is it possible to lose weight on kefir

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Is it possible to lose weight on kefir?

Much attention is paid to issues of weight loss. Various diets are offered, including mono diets. Mono-diet is a diet based on 1 product. Such diets are not always useful, as the body does not receive a variety of foods and therefore will feel a lack of vitamins, micro-and macronutrients. Is it possible to lose weight on kefir?

Is it possible to lose weight on kefir

But can all foods harm health? It may be worth looking for an optimal diet product. Such a product is, it is kefir. Useful for intestinal microflora, quenching hunger and thirst.

Choosing kefir

Trading network is a choice of a large assortment of kefir. On the shelves is kefir with high fat content and zero, with fruit additives and flavored, with the addition of bifidobacteria. How can you not get lost from such a diversity.

Fat kefir is not suitable for weight loss, it is high-calorie, kefir with a fat content of 1% will not greatly affect the weight. Therefore, it is better to use fat-free kefir.

Kefir with the addition of lactic acid bacteria will improve intestinal motility, which will have a beneficial effect on the body. Fruit pieces in kefir will only improve taste. It is worth remembering that they are subjected to heat treatment and there are few nutrients in them. Flavoring agents are added for flavor and taste. But this is an obvious chemistry.

Is it possible to lose weight on kefir

Home-made kefir is the best choice. Boil skimmed milk, cool to 18-20 degrees, add a little yogurt or fresh kefir. Home-made kefir will be ready in a few days. Its taste and texture will be strikingly different from the "kefir shop." Add to it fresh fruits or vegetables, cut into small pieces. The “kefir cocktail” will be more delicious – in a blender, grind a mixture of fruits or vegetables and add kefir. Get a sweet orange cocktail or pumpkin vegetable. Fantasy in this direction is limitless.

Diet on kefir

During the application of the diet on kefir, the body may become lighter by 5 kg per week. Diet options on kefir:

  • within 7 days drink 0,5l kefir till 16 o’clock in the afternoon. After

Burning up to 5 kg of weight per week is considered normal. If the body loses weight by more kilograms, then it removes fluid from the body, and does not burn fat. As a result, the general condition of the body worsens: it gets tired quickly, weakness occurs, the skin sags and becomes flabby. Nutritionists recommend losing weight not more than 5 kg per month, so as not to harm health.

A diet on kefir cleanses the body of toxins and slags. When applied correctly, the body will not feel weak. After the diet, it is necessary to revise the diet: reduce the consumption of carbohydrate foods, replacing it with protein foods. With a balanced diet, the body will not store fat in the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

So is it possible to lose weight on kefir? Kefir diet will have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole: strengthen the immune system, reduce swelling, improve bowel function, strengthen blood vessels and heart function. The skin will clear of acne and will become smooth and beautiful.

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