The most popular perfumes for girls
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What kind of women's perfume do men like?
Male sense of smell is somewhat different from the female. Scientists have figured out
Cosmetic Storage Box
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How to make a perfume from flowers
Many women can not imagine their lives without toilet water or persistent perfume. In
Silicone in cosmetics
Characteristics of silicone fluid depending on viscosity Typical solvents for silicone fluid: methylene chloride,
Russian house of cosmetics
On October 6, a new collection was shown. Fashion House "Tatiana Parfyonov" Time at
Who likes which cosmetics more and why? Please express your opinions on this topic!
Pharmaceutical cosmetics rating
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The most persistent perfume
The perfumery industry offers more and more new products every year. Already in our
What perfume do men like
All beloved brand Montal, produces more than a hundred different types of perfume. From
Perfume by the sign of the zodiac
What to give a woman on March 8? This is one of the most
How to make perfume at home
Aromas of the East – the Arabian perfume shop in St. Petersburg “Aromas of