How many children sleep in 1 month
Height and weight of the child in 1 month During the first month of
Only marshmallow mascot
Characters: presenter, astrologer, oriental dancer. (The hall is decorated in oriental style (fruits, organza,
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What is the acoustic neuroma What provokes the acoustic neuroma Pathogenesis (what is happening?)
Monthly 2 times a month why
It is considered that the averaged menstrual cycle is estimated at 28 days. There
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Article verified by a doctor Treatment of inflamed gums depends on the cause of
Fear of poetry
Jealousy – a decisive step towards the loss of love. Jealous love is more
Heuristic definition of psychology
A creative person has excellent skills for developing his own imagination, he goes beyond
What vitamins to drink when breastfeeding
During pregnancy, the girl’s hair, skin and nails are so healthy and luxurious that
Before menstruation sore nipples
Quite often women have nipples before menstruation. This refers to one of the premenstrual
Upper pressure high
Elevated rates of high upper pressure indicate the presence of one of the most
Teriyaki Chicken
Currently, Japanese cuisine is very popular in different countries. One of the most striking
Fear not breathe
The principle of computer time limiting is simple: the program creates profiles for each
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Pregnancy is, of course, not a disease, but almost every woman in this position
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Forum Lose Weight Together! → Healthy diet → Favorite diet – results and reviews
Furosemide for cystitis
Dear Alena! First of all, I sympathize with you. I myself suffered for about